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I am on a quest to find healthy food and exercise that is enjoyable. Age is not optional, but feeling good while I age is totally up to me. Let us start on a journey together. Life is short...Step on it.

Keep Your Head Out Of The Sand

What the hell is healthy?

There are two things complicating our health, they are the facts and the food source. Because you are reading this, I am guessing you are interested in health issues. Trying to keep up with the most current information has become challenging. Depending on where you live, it can difficult to find a quality food source. Why is it so challenging to find the vitamin and minerals our bodies desperately need? Much of the information is masked behind marketing propaganda, a cure to much of the worlds sustainability issues could be solved if greed were taken out of the equation. In the mean time, we have to be the modern day hunters and gatherers searching for healthy food. Invest in the following five ingredients:

  1. Water, the most basic and the most valuable ingredient we add many times throughout the day. If you have city water, or lucky enough to own a home with a well, have the water tested and see if it has the minerals you need. You natural_water_droplet-copymay have to supplement with some bottled water. Look for bottles that say “natural spring water,” because if they just say “spring water, there is a loop hole. Purified water has been stripped of minerals that are vital for your hydration. Good water is what you are searching for, not good packaging.
  2. Grow a few items for yourself. Sprouts can be a good choice, because they grow fast and the living food has so much to offer. If you don’t have a green thumb, and can’t make a chia pet bloom, then find sprouts at the market. Time is a daily concern, but there is always time to grab a bag of sprouts, some stores sell them fresh in the tray. My favorite is pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts. Remember the grocery store wants to make a profit, and you want to deliver food to your cells that has not lost all its nutrients on a long journey, so search wisely. Pull your head out of the sand and ask the grocer where that food came from and what are the delivery dates. Information is power.
  3. Take the minute it takes to glance at the label, even if you can’t read all the ingredients, if you see a paragraph but the box down. One brand of cottage cheese has three natural ingredients and the brand beside it on the shelf has ten ingredients. It is not rocket science, it is really just pulling your head out of the sand and knowing what you are putting in your mouth.
  4. Sneak healthy ingredients in wherever you can. Chia, hemp and flax seeds have no flavor and can be added in everything from BBQ to Coleslaw. Eggs can pack an extra punch, get creative. Sometimes food can be used as a delivery service, Roti is a local dish and the vegetables stewed in the coconut milk deliver curry, turmeric and fresh ground pepper – with a hearty helping of seeds.
  5. Most importantly, have positive thoughts about what you are about to consume. Try to take the time to sit somewhere and enjoy it. Work with your body, your mind and your cells are on the same team. Let your cells know with your eyes and your download-13watering mouth what you are delivering. You have control over your thoughts, so use them to let your body know you are confident about the nutrients you are sending their way. Unless you are lucky enough to live on an organic farm, not every choice will be ideal, but these five ingredients can help. You are at war with the greedy companies, not your body, so be kind to yourself. As in life, each individual makes the best choice they can for themselves with the information they have at that time. There is no judging, only moving forward with better choices to come. If you listen to your cells, they can tell you what is working. I find it amazing that people get mad at their bodies for allergies or intolerances. Would you get mad at your car for the check engine light? Be confident that your body is the resilient machine that does more than we can imagine, help it out and trust it to help you.

Those five ingredients for a healthier lifestyle sound pretty basic, so why is optimum health hard to maintain for the majority of people? Some buy into one version of health and live with a strict diet that does not incorporate the joy of eating, explained in number five. Our minds have more power than we know, and it is a sole proprietorship, so use it in your bodies favor. If you have decided to eat something, then enjoy it. Before you decide to eat something, check it out. Put your lips on notice, they are to stand guard. Your lips should only part to let nutrient rich food pass through to the inner sanctum. They can also part to smile, while you are living life in your well-nourished and energized body.

It sounds so simple, so why the hell is health elusive for so many? There has been so much propaganda fed to people that it is challenging to know what decisions are based on facts. I read an interesting article in Collier magazine from 1905 entitled, “Dangers in Food Adulteration.” Monsanto was started in 1901, and I do not know if this doctor was addressing what that company began, but it is very clear that he was saying that strawberry jam, without the fruit of the strawberry in it, cannot possibly be good for the body. This was written back in the day when many people made their own jam, it was fresh in their minds. The way jam is supposed to taste and make you feel. There has now been over one hundred years of scientific research to determine what foods will melt in our mouths, because studies show that if we do not have to chew then we will eat more. Imagine what the world would be like if they had taken the last century to research how to deliver healthy food to the world. I believe this is the time for individuals to side with their cells and take charge. Shake the sand from your eyes and take a good hard look at not only the fast food restaurants, but be aware that health food is the newest money maker on the block.

How do we find truthful answers? You hunt, gather and search it out. You can call this modern-day hunting. Search out companies that do not have a profit agenda, but have a concern for humanity. Look for solid research and honest movements, that are not just trying to sell something on their blog. Arm yourself with information, and this includes accurate information about the so called ‘health experts,’ that can tell you the one ingredient you need to live longer. This is the year that we stop buying the nicely packaged processed food, and we stand firm with our team, which is made up of our inquiring mind, our good attitudes and our 37.2 trillion cells.

For those of us in the world that are not fortunate enough to live on an organic farm, we must hunt for adequate nutrient sources. I am writing my article in the hopes to encourage people to find their closest farm, it benefits your body and the farmer’s business. If it is within your means, have a grow box in your home planted with some quality nutrients that your cells can count on. When you visit the grocery store, take a few minutes to read the labels. The most important daily ingredients are oxygen and water, so do your research and search for a good water source and commit to yourself to take a walk everyday.

If you are thinking that you do not have the time to add any more to your day, please take the time to realize that you are the only one in charge of deciding what you use to energize and fuel the only form of transportation that you have in this world.

What is good food?

Good or Bad? You Be The Judge!

It is easy to keep your head stuck firmly in the sand. While in the dark, a person does not have to decide if something is good or bad, its easy to blindly accept. If you want to pull your head out of the sand, and make an informed decision for yourself, just read on my fellow non-ostrich.

The first thing to decide is why you eat? There is not a single, right answer and you may find that you eat for more than just one reason. Try to limit your list to the top three reasons you eat. I eat because it makes my stomach feel good to be full and not empty. I also eat to try and get enough energy to do everything on my list that day. Feeling good and being energized are the top two priorities in my life.
It's Easy to Eat Right.

How do you know what is the right food? That is easy, it’s the food that satisfies your reason(s) for eating. Achieving my goals of not feeling hungry and maintaining a high level of energy all day have been realized with monomeals.

• I can eat until I feel satiated at each meal.

• I can enjoy a new meal about every three hours.

You can too, it is easy to do, and is actually the fastest way to prepare a meal. Eating monomeals can save time and burn calories.

 The scientific theory behind choosing food in this way, is that the body releases different enzymes to digest different foods, and selecting one food at a time allows the body to digest and not ferment the food. I have tested this out and feel a difference in my energy level if I combine different food groups in the same sitting. Once I eat a combination of foods, I find myself having cravings before three hours have passed and not feeling the satiated and satisfied body that I enjoy after a monomeal.

Making a monomeal is really quite simple, pick one food and enjoy as much as you want of it. I will share a listNatural Food Choices of my choices for a day at the end of this post, but if eating this way is not fun for you start with one step in the right direction. Simply start by eating one food group at a time and then waiting till it has digested. If you want protein, have only protein during that meal. Be aware that proteins take longer for the body to digest. If you are in the mood for vegetables, then enjoy a variety of vegetables and know they will be digested in about 3 hours (brussel sprouts take about 4 hours to digest). You can eat a fruit bowl, but always deliver melons on their own and to an empty stomach. If you feel like carbs, go ahead, but have only carbohydrates.

If you choose to eat a food combination, just wait about three hours and start a monomeal diet again. Take notice of how the combination of foods made your body feel. If your stomach felt good and you are not lethargic, maybe your body processes the different digestive needs fine. I am older and found monomeals to tighten and tone areas of my body that I was having trouble maintaining. If you think you felt better eating one type of food at a time, test the theory out for a few days and let me know what monomeals do for you at

Oxygenate & Stimulate with food

A Sample Monomeal Day: I start my day with a coconut. It only takes about two hours to digest the coconut water and pulp. You have a clean and cleared out digestive tract, figure out what energized your body. If you like protein start with eggs, if you wake up hungry try a sweet potato. Waking your stomach up at 7 in the morning will let you enjoy another monomeal around 10 am. If you are on your way to work a handful of nuts or fruit can be your meal.

Today my 10 am meal was tomatoes. I slice them into a jar the night before, catching all the juice. I chop a small piece of garlic and sprinkle some Himalayan salt and fresh ground black pepper along with parsley before I put a lid on it. Lunch for me was at one and I enjoyed a large bowls of peas, very filling and energizing. I did a pomegranate at 4 pm.

One thing I do, that my friends that monomeal do not choose to do, is I drink only in between meals. I try to not water down my digestive juices. If I want to drink beer or wine or tequila with soda water I do that in place of a monomeal. At 7 pm I had cold barley soup, which was a beer, it was very refreshing after a hot day. It takes about two hours to digest and break down the beer, three hours for wine. At 9 pm I enjoyed a baked potato.

Be creative, and relax in the simplicity of monomeals. I used to rack my brain for fun food combinations for lunch and dinner, now I truly taste the food and use it for energy. You do not have to be a vegetarian to feel the benefits of eating monomeals, have a whole chicken for lunch, if you take the fat off your body can be ready for your next monomeal in four hours, if you leave the fat on wait for six hours.

There is no right or wrong, only what makes your body feel good and energized.


How To Date An Oak Island Nut

Acorns (Oak Island Nuts) are a rare breed of people, they are unique like the strange canopy that grew on the Oak Trees of Oak Island. The following list may give you some pointers on how to date an acorn.

I found a few similarities between health nuts and Oak Island nuts while reading this list. Eharmony article on “How to Date a Health Nut”
1. Find out early on just how fanatical your health nut is about fitness.
This can apply to Oak Island Nuts too. You want to know ahead of time if they are open to possibilities or if they have made their decision on what happened hundreds of years ago. I would suggest picking an acorn with an open mind.
2. Ask about food and diet choices. Being a considerate partner works, even if you are not a believer of the significance of Oak Island, you can ask questions and listen intently. Many people who are obsessed with Oak Island are a wealth of information on a variety of topics. In order to uncover information about Oak Island, one has to research ancient paths, and this leads to many interesting theories. Acorns are very observant and pay attention to details, both of these are positive attributes.

3. Keep the big picture in mind…It’s always a good reminder that happy couples aren’t codependent couples. Accordingly, remember that you do not both have to believe in the same theories, or even both be believers. Opposites can sometimes add a nice balance.

You may want to consider yourself lucky to have found such a passionate partner. Learning makes life an adventure, and acorns are yearning to learn more about Oak Island.
If you would like to learn more about what it was like to live on Oak Island 100-years ago look for the “Oak Island Connection,” on Amazon.
Order “Oak Island Connection”

Oak Island Post

I do not think his theories are correct, but the article contains information that we can use. Mr. Bowdoin is not aware of the existence of Nolan’s Cross and all the information uncovered by Dan & David Blankenship, and the Lagina brothers. I find it interesting that he said he saw the 90 foot stone in Creighton’s book store, and that motivated him to get other adventurous investors and secure a Canadian permit. Later in the article he writes that he does not think there were symbols on the rock, because he does not think they could have worn off. His beliefs seem to differ radically from the man who was in charge of the first boring. Does anyone know who that nameless man was? In the first paragraph the article references a story published years before by Josephine Fedra, and I cannot locate those archives, it may contain more useful facts.

Warning People For Over 100 Years!

The title of the article published in Collier’s Magazine in 1905 is
It is amazing how applicable this article is 100 years later, and I consider this a MUST READ article.

Collier's Magazine September 1905
Collier’s Magazine September 1905

I found this article when I was researching the Oak Island Mystery and am sharing it because I found it eye-opening. They knew it was wrong to add chemicals to food as soon as companies started to defile the food the average consumer purchases.

The entire article is valuable, but this quote stood out, “There is a physical danger when the adulteration is of a nature to threaten health.” Dr. Wiley is insightful and this article proves that it is not new, news that eating real food is valuable and eating a box of chemicals is not. Please think about why you eat, and do not be seduced by convenience. What you choose to deliver to your cells is among the most important decisions that you will make each day, choose wisely. The most helpful thought for me as I stand in front of my open refrigerator, is to think of what vitamins and minerals will be in my next bite. Take the time to consider if you have eaten enough water soluble vitamins that day. Think of your last meal, and how long ago it was, are you sending food into a clean and ready stomach or are you mixing it with other foods that have a different processing time.

Your body is an amazing machine, would you add just any old ingredients to any other machine and just hope for the best? The instructions for your miraculous body are simple, eat real food.images-1 I like to add one more set of instructions that are not held in popular belief, but I believe in 100%, and that is to enjoy what you have chosen to eat. If you have decided to put it in your mouth do not confuse your system by feeling guilty about your choice, or even worse feeling resentful because you want something else. Be aware of that resentful feeling because I think it has more an effect on digestion then science has been able to prove to date. Marketing, and even the production of food that makes it melt in your mouth, is naturally appealing to most. Stand firm and forbid that fake food to enter your inner sanctum and stop those resentful thoughts from entering your mind. You are not eating to satisfy your taste buds, you are wiser than that and are eating to supply energy to your system. Eating is important, but it is not the most important thing you are on this planet to do, so eat to give your body energy to get the other important accomplishments done during your lifetime.

Dr. Wiley warned in 1905, “the most objectionable form of food adulteration is that which seeks to deceive the consumer.” Greedy companies are still hiding bad food products under healthy labels, and you have to do some fancy sleuthing to find good ingredients. It is challenging, but it is worth the effort to search out quality food for your body to run on.

Dr. Wiley called for “NO FALSE LABELS”
For your information, Monsanto was founded in 1901, and I wonder if this article was addressed to that companies contamination of our food.

You have heard the famous quote about those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it, but are the people who study history doomed to stand back and watch others repeat it?
Do not be an ostrich, stand firm and pull your head out of the sand BEFORE you open up your mouth to take a bite.
This is an advertisement from the 1905 Collier Magazine.
Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.40.05 AM


DIY Apple Cider Vinegar

images-1It is in the news, Apple Cider Vinegar is good for you, Ostrich Free Diet is here to help make it more enjoyable to deliver the benefits to your cells. Some people like the taste of vinegar, so just do your shot a day. For those of you that do not find straight vinegar pleasant, and it makes your eyes water, let me show you how to ‘sneak it in.’

Tomatoes do a marvelous job of covering up the vinegar. You can put a shot in tomato juice and it will taste “Bloody Healthy.” My new favorite recipe to keep in a jar in the fridge is “Tomali”
2 tomatoes – chopped in the pot so you do not lose the juice
1 head of chopped broccoli
1 finger of ginger and turmeric root
1 bunch chopped cilantro
2TPepper and Celtic or Himalayan salt to taste
Boil it all in 3 cups of water for thirty minutes – magic happens with the cooking tomatoes and broccoli. If you want to add a cup of quinoa for the last ten minutes of cooking it will make your jar of tomali more filling.
After it cools place in 12 ounce jars with one-two shots of apple cider vinegar in each jar. Put a lid on it and snack on a jar a day – this recipe packs a punch so eat as often as you can.

Make your own homemade Apple Cider Vinegar
This is my Grandmothers recipe:
She used our large jugs of vinegar for everything from tonics to cleaning. I still use her recipe to this day. If you do not want to make your own purchase the cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar from the grocery store that says ‘unfiltered.’ The clear apple cider vinegar does not have the powerful health benefits.

Scraps from 10 apples, or 5 whole apples
1-gallon jar
Large rubber band
Before you can make your raw apple cider vinegar, you must first make hard apple cider. Wash the apples and coarsely chop into pieces no smaller than 1 inch. Remove the stems and the apple seeds. Put the chopped apples into a 1-gallon glass jar. The chopped apples should at least fill half the container. Pour in room temperature natural spring water until the chopped apples are completely covered, while leaving a couple of inches at the top. Now, cover the top of the glass jar with cheesecloth and put a large rubber band to hold it in place.
Leave on the counter for about one week, gently mixing twice a day. Bubbles will begin to form as the sugar ferments. Smelling this happen brings back delicious memories for me. In about one week, when the apple scraps no longer float and sink to the bottom of the jar, the hard apple cider is ready. Taste it to see if it is the right acidity level for you, if it is too strong dilute it with some water. Strain out the apple scraps and pour the hard apple cider into clean glass jars. Store in the cabinet or pantry out of direct sunlight. Raw apple cider vinegar doesn’t go bad, but if you find a growth on top just strain it and dilute with a bit of water if the taste has become too strong.

Even though this tastes acidic, it is actually one of the best ways to make your body alkaline. Apple Cider Vinegar turns alkaline when mixed with your stomach acid. Today we know disease cannot form in an alkaline environment, THANKS GRANDMOM!

If you would like to read more old-fashioned recipes and tonics handed down from my grandmother who lived on Oak Island. She credited her healing ability to the recipes she learned from the original inhabitants of Nova Scotia.
There are many historical associations about Oak Island that have not been addressed to date, and I hope this book brings a new perspective to the mystery, and old ideas to refreshing health.
Paperback: Oak Island Connection
ebook: Oak Island Connection

Eggtra Healthy Easter

Deviled Eggs have potentially healthy ingredients, but if you want to make some Easter Eggs that pack a powerful punch, give these a try.IMG_1999
Start by coloring the eggs with beet juice.
Scoop and mix the yolks with 1T of mayonnaise/whole egg. Make your own mayo with raw eggs, lemon juice and salt (tasty but time-consuming) or look for healthy mayo. I like Safflower Mayonnaise. The important ingredients are yet to come. Add 1T each per egg of Chia Seed, Hemp Seed, Macca Root, and Ground Flax Seed. Mix in 1t/egg of Turmeric and Pepper. Salt to taste with Himalayan or Celtic hand-harvested salt and enjoy a potent delivery of vitamins, minerals and protein. Place yolk mixture in egg and chill, I find the deviled eggs to have a unique taste and a little crunch. They feel lighter to me, not as dense as just yolk and mayonnaise. Relish or capers are an option, but there is so much flavor going on that I just eat them straight-up.
It is not about the food item as much as it is about the healthy ingredients that can accompany the food. Today I found myself staring in my refrigerator and I realized that I was not looking for some type of food that my body wanted, instead I was looking for a pleasant carrier to deliver the seeds I felt like my body needed. I ended up with a nice little pizza snack of thick cut roasted eggplant slices that I sprinkled with chia,hemp and ground flax seeds all topped with a tomato slice and sprinkle of cheese.
Deliver those good ingredients any way you can, and remember that latest studies are showing that to the degree your mind believes you are enjoying this bite is equivalent to the amount the food benefits your body. SO ENJOY!
Look for my new book release in April, that will share my great-grandmothers tonics and recipes. If you have any questions or would like to pre-order email me at kpatrie@balancewalking.comVOID for Connection

Ten Reasons To Date A Vegan

Top Five Reasons To Date A Vegan:
“1. Vegans are passionate people. Their passion for a cause and for a lifestyle flows into all other areas of their lives.

2. Vegans have better sex lives. Their plant-based diets can boost hormone levels.

3. They are cheap dates! Veggies and tofu cost a lot less than lobster and steak.

4. Vegans aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. You will be getting a strong person who will stand up for you, as well.

5. They have learned to be creative in the kitchen, so you will be getting some great food.”
Read More… Eharmony’s Ten Reasons To Date A Vegan

Eharmony left out that Vegans can be Sneaky. I love sneaking healthy ingredients in food. I sneak turmeric and black pepper in salad dressings, guacamole, hummus …image023
To find many ways to sneak healthy ingredients in to oxygenate your cells and energize your body read… “Fifty Shades of Green”
If you enjoy this book, please leave a review and look for my next book to be released in a month. “Validating Oak Island’s Dilemma” This book has healthy recipes and tonics handed down from my Great-Grandmother from Oak Island, and also does some sleuthing about the elusive treasure hidden beneath Oak Island, Nova Scotia.
VOID for Connection

Before Throwing Food Down The Hatch

You are not a dismembered head, but part of a fabulous team. Get in the game with your 37.2 trillion teammates (cells), for a lifetime of good health! There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ so communicate your wants and needs. Take the time to receive the messages your cells send and the discipline to deliver what they need.

Just a few points to consider before you open up, and allow food passage to your inner sanctum. I named it ‘TNT’ to keep it easy to remember.
Timing notice if your cells are in energizing or cleansing and be aware if your body is still processing what you previously consumed.
Needs have you hydrated your cells, oxygenated your system and replaced Vitamins B & C yet today?
Toxins will your body recognize what you are about to throw down the hatch, or does it contain toxic ingredients that will hide any redeeming value from the real and recognizable food?

Before you part your lips, test the bite for ‘TNT’ and remember that it is DYNAMITE to COMMUNICATE
Open the lines of communication by allowing your cells to know what is coming. You can do this by sending messages through your senses. Take a moment to salivate for that next bite.

There is so much healthy advise out there, it is empowering to huddle up with your team and know what is best for your body. This is a private journey we are each on, and each team will be made up of different strengths and weaknesses. Your cells realize that they will not exist without you, so they race around working hard 24 hours a day to support your system. You can support your valuable teammates with each bite you decide to take.

If you would like more information about communicating with your cells read my spin on making healthy fun, because vibrant health is totally sexy. Eating should be personal and pleasurable, so study your body and not the latest health craze.

New Book, Fifty Shades of Green
New Book, Fifty Shades of Green
Fifty Shades Greener
FiftyShadesGreener on Amazon

Sweep your body clean

Not bothering to move your lymphatic system is like not sweeping your house and letting the dust just build up. Dry brushing is such a simple thing you can do for your body, and it even feels good, just a few minutes spent brushing can get your whole body tingling. The exciting new news I want to share is to include the head, brushing from the top of the scalp towards the heart. I use a regular hair brush, and switch to a gentle body brush at the neck line. Scientist just recently published finding a lymphatic system in the brain that had eluded everyone else, please read the entire article because it is very exciting. “Kevin Lee, PhD, chairman of the UVA Department of Neuroscience, described his reaction to the discovery by Kipnis’ lab: “The first time these guys showed me the basic result, I just said one sentence: ‘They’ll have to change the textbooks.’”

There are other ways to move the lymphatic system, to move lymph through the body do simple movement of any kind. Walking, bending, stretching–any and all movement will assist with lymphatic movement. To really get it moving, bounce. Bouncing on a trampoline can jumpstart the flow, also turning upside down. I learned in yoga class that people should invert their body for 3 minutes everyday. If you can’t do a headstand, you can do down dog. I like dry brushing in addition to moving, because it is something easy to do for yourself every day. I simply make it a part of my morning routine, just as important as brushing my teeth – which I do a couple times a day to remain cavity-free. I have lived a half a century and not had a cavity to date.
Six Simple Brushing Tips
“Skincare experts recommend using a brush with firm vegetable bristles and a long handle for hard-to-reach places. The lymphatic system is made of one-way valves, and you want to follow its flow in order to encourage elimination. Be methodical with your brushing technique.”
1. Start with the dry(not wet skin) and begin brushing at the fingertips. Work your way up the arm from your fingertips to your shoulders.
2. Use a bristle hair brush and start at the top of the skull using short brush strokes heading towards the top of your spine.
3. Switch back to your dry brush and brush down the neck to the left shoulder blade.
4. Start at your lower back and brush up towards the left shoulder.
Now let’s move on to the bottom half…
5. Start at the bottoms of your feet, and then work up each leg to you arrive at the belly button.
6. You are almost finished, go slow on the front of your body. Be gentle around the belly button, brush your liver and stomach – dry brushing can help the digestive process. Brush around each breast, and massage the area in between the breasts, this area acts like a pump. Brush up to each armpit, and finish with a sweep from the right armpit to the left.

We know why it is important to sweep our home, but why is it important to sweep our body?
The lymphatic system needs a little help, because it has no internal pump. “Our lymphatic system is basically our body’s sewer system. Although it has millions of vessels just like the blood system, it has no strong heart to keep lymph moving. Instead, lymph is moved by breathing, walking, intestinal activity, and muscle action.”

Give your cells a helping hand, and send them extra oxygen and lemon water to do an even better job for you. It will be like putting the wax shine on the swept floor.