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How To Date An Oak Island Nut

Acorns (Oak Island Nuts) are a rare breed of people, they are unique like the strange canopy that grew on the Oak Trees of Oak Island. The following list may give you some pointers on how to date an acorn.

I found a few similarities between health nuts and Oak Island nuts while reading this list. Eharmony article on “How to Date a Health Nut”
1. Find out early on just how fanatical your health nut is about fitness.
This can apply to Oak Island Nuts too. You want to know ahead of time if they are open to possibilities or if they have made their decision on what happened hundreds of years ago. I would suggest picking an acorn with an open mind.
2. Ask about food and diet choices. Being a considerate partner works, even if you are not a believer of the significance of Oak Island, you can ask questions and listen intently. Many people who are obsessed with Oak Island are a wealth of information on a variety of topics. In order to uncover information about Oak Island, one has to research ancient paths, and this leads to many interesting theories. Acorns are very observant and pay attention to details, both of these are positive attributes.

3. Keep the big picture in mind…It’s always a good reminder that happy couples aren’t codependent couples. Accordingly, remember that you do not both have to believe in the same theories, or even both be believers. Opposites can sometimes add a nice balance.

You may want to consider yourself lucky to have found such a passionate partner. Learning makes life an adventure, and acorns are yearning to learn more about Oak Island.
If you would like to learn more about what it was like to live on Oak Island 100-years ago look for the “Oak Island Connection,” on Amazon.
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Oak Island Post

I do not think his theories are correct, but the article contains information that we can use. Mr. Bowdoin is not aware of the existence of Nolan’s Cross and all the information uncovered by Dan & David Blankenship, and the Lagina brothers. I find it interesting that he said he saw the 90 foot stone in Creighton’s book store, and that motivated him to get other adventurous investors and secure a Canadian permit. Later in the article he writes that he does not think there were symbols on the rock, because he does not think they could have worn off. His beliefs seem to differ radically from the man who was in charge of the first boring. Does anyone know who that nameless man was? In the first paragraph the article references a story published years before by Josephine Fedra, and I cannot locate those archives, it may contain more useful facts.

Keep It Simple

If you are blindfolded and cannot see, it is one thing, but if you can remove the blind fold yourself? Please just open your eyes and do what you can for your body. This does not have to be overwhelming, although there is a lot of information out there. It can be so simple if you get information from sources that are not trying to make money off of your decision.
I do this blog in my free time to simply help people get started on a healthy path. I am not an expert, it is just my passion. I believe every need is unique and there is not one diet or cure for anyone, but there are a few things that hold true for every human body, so I would like to focus on the main things that can bring the most benefit to everyone.

The most important is that it is easy to integrate into a variety of lifestyles because people are busy with much more important things. Most people do not have time to invest in their health until it is on the table, me included, but what if the answers where so simple to add to your life now and avoid the problem. To me it seems so simple, just add the right oxygen and add the right hydration, and add some of the right food and you have got this. The body is so amazing – it basically runs on auto-pilot most of the time. You only need to help out if there is a genetic problem in the system or if you have deprived it for years of some of its’ basic needs.

There is a heightened awareness growing, and people are starting to pull their heads out of the sand to see, but when they do they are sand-blasted with a new greed of people trying to sell them on what they need to be healthy. This blog sells nothing, and only wants you to find what you need.

I believe each body is unique because it was born with certain dispositions, and each day of life that unique person added or depleted the body in its’ own way, so each person needs something a little different to make the system run smoothly. Now if I did not say it clearly enough in previous blog posts, or in my book “Fifty Shades Greener” you can contact me at and I will clarify it for you personally, you need to talk with your cells.

Take a few minutes to hear what your cells need and take some time to deliver it, it’s really that simple. The easy answer is going to be they need oxygen, and there are easy answers to deliver that. They may need more, but you can look inside yourself and know what your body needs. Get the facts, because science is proving and disproving daily what is good for you. My blog will only post what I have tried on myself and know what works for me, and will advise you to try on yourself and see if it works for you.

The human body is amazing beyond what anyone can describe or prescribe, let’s keep our search going for the best answers together. It is not about some new quick fix, keep the focus on what works for each person.images-3 I have found what works for my body, contact me if you have found things that work for you or if you have questions at

A Reason To Start

If you are reading this blog, you have probably already begun your journey towards health and are seeking truth and the path of least resistance. I write this blog to help people find the most enjoyable journey to the highest quality of life. This post is my ‘call to action’ button, and I would like to give you the tools to give your friends and family A Reason To Start.

I know the idea of seeking truly healthy nutritious food can be received as crazy, unnecessary at best, but we are Ostrich Free and are able to help others see. Nutritious food is only unnecessary because our cells do such a good job covering our back. When cells are over powered, that is when this information is the most important information on the planet. My goal, and my call to action for you, is to get this information in the hands of people
before they are desperate.

This post came about when I was talking with a beautiful woman, in very good health, but she asked me questions because she wanted more for herself for the second half of her life. I feel defensive for people who are trying hard based on misinformation, but I have hope when they are interested in learning new ways to find nutrition. She loves peanut butter and was appreciative to hear about the value of eating nuts before they are roasted, and letting almonds sit in water till they sprout. Those nutritional benefits had not been delivered to her cells, even though she was trying to do the right thing. Food is not what Jiff or Skippy tell us it is, food is a conduit to get vitamins and minerals to our cells. We are living in a time when our survival instincts must kick in. We are surrounded by bad information, and we have been programmed to accept poison.

If you choose to present this idea, you have to be prepared for the people who say they feel fine. Bodies were described to me as a vessel, as a cup, and you choose what you add to the cup. It will take it all, without a ripple, until it reaches its limit of that substance and then it will overflow. Many people think their body is doing fine, and they don’t have to think about their cells. Everyone is fine…until they are not. My call to action is to get people started before they are desperate. My personal philosophy is to start out with a few changes. If they drink soda, introduce hydration. If they eat processed food, talk about the cells being able to recognize and use real food for their benefit. If they have a good diet, talk about the reason to eat. People eat for many reasons, because they are hungry, or bored, or feel like being self indulgent. Those are all real reasons, and I eat for each one occasionally, but the real reason I eat is to sustain the quality of my life.

The first priority when I eat is to supply the necessary nutrients to my cells, so they can deliver. When I have fulfilled my end, I may eat just for the fun of it…if I have room.

I look forward to hearing how you and your family and friends receive your call to action. Don’t scare anyone with too much information. Share what you know and the more your friends learn and understand what their cells need, the more freedom they will have to pick whatever food they want. All we all have to do is supply our hardworking cells with what they need first and then eat what we want.
The way to healthe way to health.

If you have any questions or comments contact me at

Clean Drinking Water Should be an Inalienable Right

Before You Drink, Beware of What’s In Your Water
It’s no surprise that our water quality has changed over the years. As you read every word of this blog, you will likely agree that knowing the source of your water is critical to your health.
The truth is, all water is NOT created equal! Continue reading Clean Drinking Water Should be an Inalienable Right

It’s a Great Day to Get Better

Imagine with me that we can see the 37.2 trillion cells racing around our body to use every vitamin and mineral that we choose to give ourselves. It is up to us to learn the right ingredients we need. Even scientist do not know all the work the cells in our body do for us, but let’s supply the good ingredients we know of.
Give your body lemon water to start the day. Continue reading It’s a Great Day to Get Better


If I had one food to keep on hand all day, it would be seeds. They are high in protein, and remember a serving of protein boost your metabolism for about 4 hours. A serving of seeds will keep your insulin down and your glucagon up. My personal favorite are pumpkin seeds because they are easy and inexpensive to buy. You can also get squash seeds, when you cut open an acorn squash don’t throw away the seeds, toast and enjoy them. Continue reading Seeds


Traditional Lobster Bake, with layers of seaweed, then lobster, clams, potatoes, onions, corn and more seaweed.

While on vacation in Maine, and wanting to experience all the fruits of the sea, I did a little research. I knew I did not want to pass on one tasty bite, so my initial research was to find out what I would have to do to get my body back in balance, as I discovered the facts I found healthy information I would like to share. Continue reading Lobster