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Dinner Time

Dinner is yours…choose wisely. You have given yourself plenty of hydration. You have taken the day to replenish all of the water soluble vitamins B and C. You have given your body all the ingredients it needs to produce Glucagon, now eat for fun. It is more enjoyable to get this opportunity once a day then to have the obligation 3 times a day. It is hard to change your operating system, and start thinking in a way that is different from the way you thought everyday for your entire life. It gets easier when you try if for a few days and it feels right. Just because you have always spent time thinking about breakfast, or is it okay to skip breakfast, and then more time thinking about what you will eat for lunch while possibly wrestling with yourself about what you want versus what you should have DOES NOT MEAN THAT IS A GOOD USE OF YOUR VALUABLE TIME. I find it hard to believe we have not evolved past this already, but maybe it is because people like the distraction from their everyday life. If that is the case, I would think if you could add time and focus everyday, you could make your life one that you don’t want to be distracted from.

This is where you make this diet your own. I will tell you what works well for me and my lifestyle, but you must give this some thought and planning to make this part work for you. I do almost all my meal planning in the evenings. My kids and I go to the store together, I have included them on this journey to find food that is good for us and enjoyable. My youngest daughters’ 5th grade science experiment is what started my quest, but I will save that story for the water blog. Back to shopping, take some time to find local co-ops and food choices near home. This will change with the seasons, but it is worth the effort because we are eating for sustenance and the highest amount of vitamins are found closest to the source. I have a co-op deliver weekly and I stop in the grocery store a few times a week. I will occasionally go warehouse shopping, but not too often. The local grocery stores have enough specials on bottled water and canned tomatoes and chick peas that I can skip the big warehouse trip.
Now it is time for cooking, but it is really more chopping instead of cooking. It is important for me to have a healthy snack ready. Trader Joe’s has an excellent hummus, with 6 ingredients, I put it out with cucumbers and carrots for snacking while chopping. Naturally, the water is flowing, I mix chia seeds and lemon in the water. The seeds have a funny texture that take some getting used to, there is one particular moment I like them more then other times. When I first dump them in they are crunchy, then they retain the crunch but add a soft circle around it – that is my favorite time to drink chia seed water – after that they lose their crunch and are just soft. I add them to my water because I can feel it go through my body adding back what I had depleted throughout the day.
We eat in stages, simply because that is what works with hunger, homework and dogs. The next stage is caprese salad, this is a family favorite. Slices of tomato, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar(look for no caramel color added to your balsamic). We add low-fat mozzarella balls, but there are almond cheese and other choices for the dairy free(again check ingredients and make sure your body can recognize them all). For those non tomato eaters, try chunks of avocado instead, or chick peas in place of tomato.
With everyone satiated…for now, I get into my cooking/chopping mode. I make dinner, make gazpacho, prepare lunch for the next day and mix up breakfast.

This is the dinner blog, so I will elaborate on a few meal plans.
•Spaghetti Squash is a good base. When making the sauce leave some raw ingredients to add in after cooking, like garlic, insides of tomato, basil. Sauces are a great place to sneak in a shot of kale or juiced dandelion greens.
•Salads, but make your own dressing and don’t be afraid to experiment with different ingredients and a shaker. I add the inside juice and seeds of a tomato and some cumin seeds to give my salads a sweet-tart zing that people find it hard to put their finger on.
•Dark Greens. I steam spinach, there is something I love about cooked spinach. I know I lose a few vitamins but I do not heat it up long enough to lose its valuable minerals. I enjoy mine with some olive oil and garlic, or butter and sea salt, or red wine vinegar.
•Kale salad, leave the stems out for juicing or broth, and tear leaves into bite sized pieces. Mix coconut oil, lime juice and juiced ginger.
•Sweet Potatoes, leave some cooked in the fridge to make things sweet and creamy.
Quinoa cooked and added to salads.
After dinner I throw some leftovers in the crockpot to make a vegetable broth to add to Gazpacho in morning.

There are two types of consumption. Eating for sustenance and eating for fun. Understand enough of the basics to make your engine run smoothly, and then enjoy one of the greatest pleasures in this world. When you sit down to eat, prepare your body for what it’s going to get and receive the full pleasure of the meal. Choose not difficult foods. Beware of sauces and hidden agenda. Eat a clean, not processed meal. If there’s something you really want, and you know it is not good for you, drink a half teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon before to keep blood sugar low and indulge guilt-free knowing that living ostrich-free you have the power to bring your body back to balanced.images-1

Ostrich-Free Will Set You Free

Mark Twain shared many wise words, a couple of them were, “If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself.” We all wrestle with wanting to enjoy ourselves, and wanting what is good for us. The answer lies within enjoying what is good for us.

You can live Ostrich-Free and eat for pure pleasure. If you want something acidic or sweet, enjoy it and balance it later with extra alkaline food. Eating is one of life’s great pleasures, understand the four facts, so you can balance and never feel deprived. Continue reading Ostrich-Free Will Set You Free

It is not dieting…it is choosing what to eat

When people hear the word diet, they think they are restricted, this is not the case. Diet is simply what you choose to imbibe in. The Ostrich-Free Diet tells you what to eat first. If your body gets all those ingredients…then do what you want. The following list of five essential ingredients for optimal health are listed below. Fill up on these items for breakfast and mid morning snack.

Your body works so hard for you. This is the beginning of understanding all your body does and how you can help it.
Continue reading It is not dieting…it is choosing what to eat

#1 Ingredient

Everyone knows the number one ingredient our bodies need is water. Not everyone knows that all water is not the same. Be happy to pay extra for quality water for your body, it is essential to good health.

Look for spring fed water. This is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Evian, available in most grocery stores, is just one example of high quality water. There are many spring fed bottled water choices that are not expensive. Try to not give yourself processed water, or water high in acid, look for water that came out of the ground. The best is the closest to where you are, so do a little research. I lived on St. John, with no natural water source, except for the rain. I found the closest spring that bottled water was in Dominica. It will be well worth your while to find a high quality source of water. Adding a few Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice will increase the minerals in your water. Have a glass of lemon water before your meal and it will help balance your blood sugar. Hydrate your body as much as you can. If you are not in the mood for plain water try adding chia seeds. Coconut water is always a good idea any time of day, fresh is best but if you buy a bottle look at the ingredients. Should be nothing added and should not say ‘from concentrate.’