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A Reason To Start

If you are reading this blog, you have probably already begun your journey towards health and are seeking truth and the path of least resistance. I write this blog to help people find the most enjoyable journey to the highest quality of life. This post is my ‘call to action’ button, and I would like to give you the tools to give your friends and family A Reason To Start.

I know the idea of seeking truly healthy nutritious food can be received as crazy, unnecessary at best, but we are Ostrich Free and are able to help others see. Nutritious food is only unnecessary because our cells do such a good job covering our back. When cells are over powered, that is when this information is the most important information on the planet. My goal, and my call to action for you, is to get this information in the hands of people
before they are desperate.

This post came about when I was talking with a beautiful woman, in very good health, but she asked me questions because she wanted more for herself for the second half of her life. I feel defensive for people who are trying hard based on misinformation, but I have hope when they are interested in learning new ways to find nutrition. She loves peanut butter and was appreciative to hear about the value of eating nuts before they are roasted, and letting almonds sit in water till they sprout. Those nutritional benefits had not been delivered to her cells, even though she was trying to do the right thing. Food is not what Jiff or Skippy tell us it is, food is a conduit to get vitamins and minerals to our cells. We are living in a time when our survival instincts must kick in. We are surrounded by bad information, and we have been programmed to accept poison.

If you choose to present this idea, you have to be prepared for the people who say they feel fine. Bodies were described to me as a vessel, as a cup, and you choose what you add to the cup. It will take it all, without a ripple, until it reaches its limit of that substance and then it will overflow. Many people think their body is doing fine, and they don’t have to think about their cells. Everyone is fine…until they are not. My call to action is to get people started before they are desperate. My personal philosophy is to start out with a few changes. If they drink soda, introduce hydration. If they eat processed food, talk about the cells being able to recognize and use real food for their benefit. If they have a good diet, talk about the reason to eat. People eat for many reasons, because they are hungry, or bored, or feel like being self indulgent. Those are all real reasons, and I eat for each one occasionally, but the real reason I eat is to sustain the quality of my life.

The first priority when I eat is to supply the necessary nutrients to my cells, so they can deliver. When I have fulfilled my end, I may eat just for the fun of it…if I have room.

I look forward to hearing how you and your family and friends receive your call to action. Don’t scare anyone with too much information. Share what you know and the more your friends learn and understand what their cells need, the more freedom they will have to pick whatever food they want. All we all have to do is supply our hardworking cells with what they need first and then eat what we want.
The way to healthe way to health.

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