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Lower Your Metabolic Cost

respect yourcells

Your amazing cells, that work so hard to keep you going, deserve your respect. A nice thing you can do for your cells is lower your metabolic cost. The metabolic cost, is what it costs your body to move, so maintaining a low cost is positive. We start out life with a low cost, and as we age the cost rises.

There are ways to drive the price down and keep the cost low.
1. Do enough strenuous exercise, so that when you take a walk it feels like a stroll in the park.
2. Breathe deeply, in a way to deliver as much oxygen as possible.
3. Hydrate your body before it feels thirsty, and keep yourself hydrated during your walk.
4. Use whatever external means help your walk feel easier, good shoes and socks, balance walking poles, a fitbit …
whatever helps you think this is easy and fun.
5. Keep a Good Attitude! Do not underestimate the role your mind plays in regulating your metabolic cost. Look forward to your walks, think of them as enjoyable. Try not to be in a hurry to get them over with, but instead focus on the view. Do whatever you have to do to make your body think you are having a good time, because a low metabolic cost is the key to the fountain of youth.