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Before Throwing Food Down The Hatch

You are not a dismembered head, but part of a fabulous team. Get in the game with your 37.2 trillion teammates (cells), for a lifetime of good health! There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ so communicate your wants and needs. Take the time to receive the messages your cells send and the discipline to deliver what they need.

Just a few points to consider before you open up, and allow food passage to your inner sanctum. I named it ‘TNT’ to keep it easy to remember.
Timing notice if your cells are in energizing or cleansing and be aware if your body is still processing what you previously consumed.
Needs have you hydrated your cells, oxygenated your system and replaced Vitamins B & C yet today?
Toxins will your body recognize what you are about to throw down the hatch, or does it contain toxic ingredients that will hide any redeeming value from the real and recognizable food?

Before you part your lips, test the bite for ‘TNT’ and remember that it is DYNAMITE to COMMUNICATE
Open the lines of communication by allowing your cells to know what is coming. You can do this by sending messages through your senses. Take a moment to salivate for that next bite.

There is so much healthy advise out there, it is empowering to huddle up with your team and know what is best for your body. This is a private journey we are each on, and each team will be made up of different strengths and weaknesses. Your cells realize that they will not exist without you, so they race around working hard 24 hours a day to support your system. You can support your valuable teammates with each bite you decide to take.

If you would like more information about communicating with your cells read my spin on making healthy fun, because vibrant health is totally sexy. Eating should be personal and pleasurable, so study your body and not the latest health craze.

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