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Eggtra Healthy Easter

Deviled Eggs have potentially healthy ingredients, but if you want to make some Easter Eggs that pack a powerful punch, give these a try.IMG_1999
Start by coloring the eggs with beet juice.
Scoop and mix the yolks with 1T of mayonnaise/whole egg. Make your own mayo with raw eggs, lemon juice and salt (tasty but time-consuming) or look for healthy mayo. I like Safflower Mayonnaise. The important ingredients are yet to come. Add 1T each per egg of Chia Seed, Hemp Seed, Macca Root, and Ground Flax Seed. Mix in 1t/egg of Turmeric and Pepper. Salt to taste with Himalayan or Celtic hand-harvested salt and enjoy a potent delivery of vitamins, minerals and protein. Place yolk mixture in egg and chill, I find the deviled eggs to have a unique taste and a little crunch. They feel lighter to me, not as dense as just yolk and mayonnaise. Relish or capers are an option, but there is so much flavor going on that I just eat them straight-up.
It is not about the food item as much as it is about the healthy ingredients that can accompany the food. Today I found myself staring in my refrigerator and I realized that I was not looking for some type of food that my body wanted, instead I was looking for a pleasant carrier to deliver the seeds I felt like my body needed. I ended up with a nice little pizza snack of thick cut roasted eggplant slices that I sprinkled with chia,hemp and ground flax seeds all topped with a tomato slice and sprinkle of cheese.
Deliver those good ingredients any way you can, and remember that latest studies are showing that to the degree your mind believes you are enjoying this bite is equivalent to the amount the food benefits your body. SO ENJOY!
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Ten Reasons To Date A Vegan

Top Five Reasons To Date A Vegan:
“1. Vegans are passionate people. Their passion for a cause and for a lifestyle flows into all other areas of their lives.

2. Vegans have better sex lives. Their plant-based diets can boost hormone levels.

3. They are cheap dates! Veggies and tofu cost a lot less than lobster and steak.

4. Vegans aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. You will be getting a strong person who will stand up for you, as well.

5. They have learned to be creative in the kitchen, so you will be getting some great food.”
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Eharmony left out that Vegans can be Sneaky. I love sneaking healthy ingredients in food. I sneak turmeric and black pepper in salad dressings, guacamole, hummus …image023
To find many ways to sneak healthy ingredients in to oxygenate your cells and energize your body read… “Fifty Shades of Green”
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