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Keep Your Head Out Of The Sand

What the hell is healthy?

There are two things complicating our health, they are the facts and the food source. Because you are reading this, I am guessing you are interested in health issues. Trying to keep up with the most current information has become challenging. Depending on where you live, it can difficult to find a quality food source. Why is it so challenging to find the vitamin and minerals our bodies desperately need? Much of the information is masked behind marketing propaganda, a cure to much of the worlds sustainability issues could be solved if greed were taken out of the equation. In the mean time, we have to be the modern day hunters and gatherers searching for healthy food. Invest in the following five ingredients:

  1. Water, the most basic and the most valuable ingredient we add many times throughout the day. If you have city water, or lucky enough to own a home with a well, have the water tested and see if it has the minerals you need. You natural_water_droplet-copymay have to supplement with some bottled water. Look for bottles that say “natural spring water,” because if they just say “spring water, there is a loop hole. Purified water has been stripped of minerals that are vital for your hydration. Good water is what you are searching for, not good packaging.
  2. Grow a few items for yourself. Sprouts can be a good choice, because they grow fast and the living food has so much to offer. If you don’t have a green thumb, and can’t make a chia pet bloom, then find sprouts at the market. Time is a daily concern, but there is always time to grab a bag of sprouts, some stores sell them fresh in the tray. My favorite is pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts. Remember the grocery store wants to make a profit, and you want to deliver food to your cells that has not lost all its nutrients on a long journey, so search wisely. Pull your head out of the sand and ask the grocer where that food came from and what are the delivery dates. Information is power.
  3. Take the minute it takes to glance at the label, even if you can’t read all the ingredients, if you see a paragraph but the box down. One brand of cottage cheese has three natural ingredients and the brand beside it on the shelf has ten ingredients. It is not rocket science, it is really just pulling your head out of the sand and knowing what you are putting in your mouth.
  4. Sneak healthy ingredients in wherever you can. Chia, hemp and flax seeds have no flavor and can be added in everything from BBQ to Coleslaw. Eggs can pack an extra punch, get creative. Sometimes food can be used as a delivery service, Roti is a local dish and the vegetables stewed in the coconut milk deliver curry, turmeric and fresh ground pepper – with a hearty helping of seeds.
  5. Most importantly, have positive thoughts about what you are about to consume. Try to take the time to sit somewhere and enjoy it. Work with your body, your mind and your cells are on the same team. Let your cells know with your eyes and your download-13watering mouth what you are delivering. You have control over your thoughts, so use them to let your body know you are confident about the nutrients you are sending their way. Unless you are lucky enough to live on an organic farm, not every choice will be ideal, but these five ingredients can help. You are at war with the greedy companies, not your body, so be kind to yourself. As in life, each individual makes the best choice they can for themselves with the information they have at that time. There is no judging, only moving forward with better choices to come. If you listen to your cells, they can tell you what is working. I find it amazing that people get mad at their bodies for allergies or intolerances. Would you get mad at your car for the check engine light? Be confident that your body is the resilient machine that does more than we can imagine, help it out and trust it to help you.

Those five ingredients for a healthier lifestyle sound pretty basic, so why is optimum health hard to maintain for the majority of people? Some buy into one version of health and live with a strict diet that does not incorporate the joy of eating, explained in number five. Our minds have more power than we know, and it is a sole proprietorship, so use it in your bodies favor. If you have decided to eat something, then enjoy it. Before you decide to eat something, check it out. Put your lips on notice, they are to stand guard. Your lips should only part to let nutrient rich food pass through to the inner sanctum. They can also part to smile, while you are living life in your well-nourished and energized body.

It sounds so simple, so why the hell is health elusive for so many? There has been so much propaganda fed to people that it is challenging to know what decisions are based on facts. I read an interesting article in Collier magazine from 1905 entitled, “Dangers in Food Adulteration.” Monsanto was started in 1901, and I do not know if this doctor was addressing what that company began, but it is very clear that he was saying that strawberry jam, without the fruit of the strawberry in it, cannot possibly be good for the body. This was written back in the day when many people made their own jam, it was fresh in their minds. The way jam is supposed to taste and make you feel. There has now been over one hundred years of scientific research to determine what foods will melt in our mouths, because studies show that if we do not have to chew then we will eat more. Imagine what the world would be like if they had taken the last century to research how to deliver healthy food to the world. I believe this is the time for individuals to side with their cells and take charge. Shake the sand from your eyes and take a good hard look at not only the fast food restaurants, but be aware that health food is the newest money maker on the block.

How do we find truthful answers? You hunt, gather and search it out. You can call this modern-day hunting. Search out companies that do not have a profit agenda, but have a concern for humanity. Look for solid research and honest movements, that are not just trying to sell something on their blog. Arm yourself with information, and this includes accurate information about the so called ‘health experts,’ that can tell you the one ingredient you need to live longer. This is the year that we stop buying the nicely packaged processed food, and we stand firm with our team, which is made up of our inquiring mind, our good attitudes and our 37.2 trillion cells.

For those of us in the world that are not fortunate enough to live on an organic farm, we must hunt for adequate nutrient sources. I am writing my article in the hopes to encourage people to find their closest farm, it benefits your body and the farmer’s business. If it is within your means, have a grow box in your home planted with some quality nutrients that your cells can count on. When you visit the grocery store, take a few minutes to read the labels. The most important daily ingredients are oxygen and water, so do your research and search for a good water source and commit to yourself to take a walk everyday.

If you are thinking that you do not have the time to add any more to your day, please take the time to realize that you are the only one in charge of deciding what you use to energize and fuel the only form of transportation that you have in this world.