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If you do not want to hear the facts, because you may possibly have to alter a few life style choices, then stick your head deep in the sand. If you turn a blind eye, because studies show a food as healthy for you one year and bad the next, then close your eyes. This page wants viewers with their eyes wide open. People who understand that information is power, and we all have to search for genuine informants. I welcome all information that is based on the most current facts to help people make the best choices for their bodies.

I am sharing my personal quest with you. I believe good health should be enjoyable. Not just enjoyed when you arrive in a perfect state, but the entire journey can and should, be pleasurable. My philosophy about exercise is ‘no pain…no problem’ and for food it is ‘enjoy what makes you feel good’.

I had an enlightening experience at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico. A quote from this visionary for good health, ” The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.” After a week of her regime my body felt like it was floating, I felt like “a bird without a cage”-Katy Perry, but it was not realistic to incorporate in my everyday life. I will share all of my solutions with you free of charge. Please take the information and use it to help yourself float.

My name is Krin Patrie and I am here to help people get oxygenated and stimulated. I am the Director of Balance Walking Poles, walking just 15 minutes does not only benefit your body but also will jumpstart your brain and boost your creativity. Implement the Ostrich-Free Diet and increase your energy level.

contact information: ostrichfreediet@gmail.com


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