Pull Your Head Out of the Sand

Don’t be afraid to pull your head out of the sand and face the facts head on. The Ostrich-Free Diet is not a diet, so try it.

Living Ostrich-Free is easy to maintain. It is different from a diet, the program does not take away food, it adds the food with the vitamins your body needs first. As you see the facts, and understand what your body can use, you will give yourself what you need and will not have room left over for the difficult stuff. I call it difficult, because your amazing body cannot recognize processed food. If you put a piece of lettuce in, your body knows just what to do and gets straight to work. If you put a piece of lettuce soaked in a dressing made with 10 ingredients, your body is not sure what to do with it. Let’s learn how to communicate with our body, and give it energy that is recognizable and tastes good.

It is challenging to get people to see, because they are afraid of change, that is why I named it the Ostrich-Free Diet. It is difficult to get people to swallow the facts, that is why it is important that this is not a list of new facts, just simply information that makes sense.

Half a century ago people realized if they wore their seat belts, their bodies did better in a collision. Today we are realizing if we oxygenate our bodies, they function better.  Similar concept, if you use a seatbelt your body will do better, and if you oxygenate your blood your body will do better.
It is common sense. Oxygenizing your body and seat belts are good for you. Let your journey to stimulate your life begin with informed power.

Informed power about how your body works. The one and only vehicle you get to travel around on this planet. Invest the time into knowing how it works. Then you will have the power to supply it with the right kind of gas it needs. Every model is different, so if you have a basic understanding, you can choose according to what gives you the best energy.

Be informed and be powerful. This site will only talk about products or services that have passed the Ostrich-Free Test. No sticking our heads in the sand and letting processed foods or gimmicks slip by.

Living Ostrich-Free is not a diet…Even though people who add this idea to their life lose weight. The idea is to become informed about what you can do to help your body run at peak performance. See what happens when you become in tune with the needs of your cells, that are working so hard on a subconscious level. Our cells know they rely on us to exist, and that is why they scramble around and find what they need. Based on what people put in their mouths, one has to wonder if they know their head is connected to this amazing body. If you have your head out of the sand and are informed, you can actually be helpful to your most valuable teammates.

Because everyone should be particular about what they allow into their bodies, the following blogs will give detailed reasons for food choices. This is a way of cleaning your system and as you read more information you can vary your diet. It is an opportunity to feel what it is like to have your body rid of those things that make you crave and feel hunger pains. When I waiver, and add processed food back into my system, I am surprised to feel the pain and cravings again. It takes 3 to 4 days to get over the cravings and hunger pangs. Living Ostrich-Free lets me live pain-free.
I have summed up what your body needs and how it can absorb those needs to operate at peak performance. Add those ingredients in, and then eat what you want, guilt-free. You do not have to be vegan, but the greater part of your day will be eating vegetables grown from the earth and sea, because that is where the nutrients live. The old-fashioned idea of counting calories and hard-core workouts, is just that…old-fashioned and out-dated. The way to lose weight and feel energized is 80% dependent on what and when you eat, and 20% dependent on daily low impact exercise. You can depend on the Ostrich-Free Diet to supply your body with 100% of what it needs. Feel yourself floating through life, instead of dragging your body along.

Main Goals of living Ostrich-Free
• Hydrate your body
• Oxygenate your blood
• Increase alkalinity
• Decrease acid
• Improve circulation
• Supply vitamins, minerals and enzymes
• Replenish water-soluble vitamins daily
Below is information to achieve these goals. The following blogs will explain why these ingredients are important, but for right now this sums up how to get started and what to buy at the grocery store.

If you are starting overweight or athletically built, we all have experienced a heavy gut feeling, Ostrich-Free will set your core free. Adding these ingredients will scrub your gut, help your body in distributing and disposing fast, and give you that energetic and light feeling.
Rules to keep a clean machine
1. Start everyday with fresh water. I like 3T squeezed lemons, sometimes I mix it up with 1T grated ginger, 1T chia seeds, slices of cucumber or mint leaves.(Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after lemons or limes). Have fun with water.
2. Start the day with fruit. Do not add any other ingredients for half an hour
1+2 = The perfect way to end an 8 hour fast and a great start to your day.
If you or your children prefer a big breakfast – enjoy one after the fruit absorbs. Depending on work or school schedules, and your hunger level upon waking, the following can be breakfast or a mid morning snack. Before I eat a big breakfast I have a warm cup of Ceylon cinnamon, it gets me ready to digest.
A quick protein breakfast can be an Egg or an Avocado (add turmeric and pepper for seasoning whenever you can)
Quinoa porridge with almond milk and Ceylon cinnamon
Steamed or pickled asparagus – great snack on the car ride
Gazpacho – the basics are tomato, chopped garlic, apple cider vinegar and chia seeds. Add other ingredients for taste, but getting the four ingredients in everyday will make your day.
Lunch: school lunches need to be something they can hold. This may have to be their ‘eat what you want meal,’ chances are if they do not like what they packed for lunch – they will trade. Do a almond butter and honey on sprouted bread sandwich. Another healthy choice is a CLT – cheese, lettuce and tomato on sprouted bread. Place the tomato inside the cheese and lettuce so bread does not get soggy. There are some healthy and affordable packaged snacks, but very few, so we will read the ingredients together and pick the right ones that pass the ostrich free test (one of my kids favorites is seaweed snacks). If they like Roti, pack a few.
If you are going out to lunch, order lemon water to start. Salads are nourishing, as long as you can custom order your dressing (olive oil, lemons, chopped garlic and grated parmigiano cheese can be one you can mix up) If you are not vegan order steamed fish and vegetables. If you are very hungry add a sweet potato(I carry ceylon cinnamon and sprinkle it on the sweet potato to keep blood sugar in fat burning range). When I make sweet potatoes at home, I use coconut oil or butter, turmeric, pepper and honey. Then I am full and full of many B vitamins.
Remember diet is an individual thing, each body is unique about what it is need of that day on top of the fact that we all have individual taste buds and preferences.
Make it pass the Ostrich-Free testostrichfreetest
Congratulations You have now given yourself almost all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Think back through the day and have your mid afternoon snack be from whatever group you are running short of that day. If you don’t have time to think, just grab a protein snack. Remember 5 servings of protein throughout the day keeps your engine revved up all day.
Snack suggestions to keep at desk or in car. Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, and kind of seeds, Chia seeds – if I’m busy and not very hungry I mix in water. Chia seeds have no flavor and I do not mind the texture as long as I do not let them soak too long. Yogurt and chia seeds is a filling snack. Nuts, almonds, sprout ’em in water for a day, walnuts, Brazilian nuts(one a day). Limit your cashew intake, but if that is all you are having for a snack – indulge. Seaweed as often as you can fit it in.

After school or happy hour.
This is a vulnerable time of day – be prepared. You may be hungry. You may have to go grocery shopping. You may have a drink and want some appetizers. You have done a great job delivering many usable vitamins, so don’t feel guilty and enjoy. Guilty feelings and wrestling with yourself are not good for digestion. Just pick not difficult food that you know your body will recognize.
Hummus and cucumber slices are fast for hungry people returning home. I always ask the question, “did you drink enough water today?” Here is some more.
Next I put caprese salad on the counter. I snack on it while I’m cooking and kids feel like they are sneaking something that was suppose to be for dinner.
Dinner: I make a large salad and the possibilities of what to throw on top are endless. You probably won’t have room for fried food, but if you do, go for it. The only rule is not processed. The dressing is important. Two of my favorites are “Sort of Caesar” Olive oil or hemp oil, a splash of fish oil, dulce flakes, chopped garlic, grated parm and balsamic (if you like a thicker dressing add tahini). Fresh herbs are nice – parsley or basil and celtic salt. My secret ingredient is the inside of a tomato, just the seeds and clear juice, and if you want it creamy blend in an avocado. “IslandStyle dressing” Coconut oil, walnut oil, lime juice, chia seeds. If you have a food processor add sunflower seeds, no food processor but want it creamier just add half a can of coconut milk. This dressing is very good over kale or steamed asparagus.
This is when I do my prep work for the following day. Living Ostrich-Free takes some planning, but is well worth the time invested. I have dinner ready so I can stop what I’m doing when we are hungry, because it is always nicer to eat when hungry. If I get the gazpacho done, then a cup makes a nice first course.
I purposefully left out any unusual ingredients that you can not find in your grocery store. I want this to be a smooth transition. You may not have shopped for a variety of oils before, but they will be there by the olive oil. One item that may be hard to find is seaweed, but it’s so good for you. Dulce flakes have many of the trace minerals, but if you can find fresh seaweed get it and eat it as often as you can.
We will achieve living Ostrich-Free by putting everything you need in first, and after that if you would like to eat for the fun of it, enjoy.
• Don’t fast. Keep your digestive tract moving. It is up to you to maintain your blood sugar in fat burning levels. To do this you do not want sugar (white death) or an empty stomach. Breakfast is the hardest meal to do right, because we have been programmed to make bad choices. Most breakfast items on a menu are not what our body needs added first thing on a rested system. If you are at a restaurant ordering breakfast, hopefully you would have eaten a little bit of something healthy when you first woke up, and have already given your body a glass or two of water.
I will write about more breakfast ideas, but for right now know that boxed cereal is not a good start to your day. If you are Ostrich-Free, that does not mean that you cannot ever have pancakes, just be informed and have that breakfast on a day you can be lethargic. Living Ostrich-Free you know to balance it out with high alkalinity food later.
Start the day, and throughout the day, drinking high mineralized water, half an hour before meals drink water with 3Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and fresh pressed juice is always a good idea. I like wheat grass, watermelon and mint, but I will post so many blogs about the value of water and juicing that you will know everything you need to know about hydrating yourself.
Next add in our secret recipe gazpacho, which I have already talked about. Gazpacho is a good medium for transporting many essential ingredients in on a vehicle that tastes good.
The final thing to incorporate into your life is low impact exercise a couple times a day. This keeps the oxygen flowing. You do not have to break a sweat. Walk for 15 consecutive minutes mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The trick is to never skip a day. Find 30 minutes a day every day for your high energy life.
Life is short…Get started


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