Keep It Simple

If you are blindfolded and cannot see, it is one thing, but if you can remove the blind fold yourself? Please just open your eyes and do what you can for your body. This does not have to be overwhelming, although there is a lot of information out there. It can be so simple if you get information from sources that are not trying to make money off of your decision.
I do this blog in my free time to simply help people get started on a healthy path. I am not an expert, it is just my passion. I believe every need is unique and there is not one diet or cure for anyone, but there are a few things that hold true for every human body, so I would like to focus on the main things that can bring the most benefit to everyone.

The most important is that it is easy to integrate into a variety of lifestyles because people are busy with much more important things. Most people do not have time to invest in their health until it is on the table, me included, but what if the answers where so simple to add to your life now and avoid the problem. To me it seems so simple, just add the right oxygen and add the right hydration, and add some of the right food and you have got this. The body is so amazing – it basically runs on auto-pilot most of the time. You only need to help out if there is a genetic problem in the system or if you have deprived it for years of some of its’ basic needs.

There is a heightened awareness growing, and people are starting to pull their heads out of the sand to see, but when they do they are sand-blasted with a new greed of people trying to sell them on what they need to be healthy. This blog sells nothing, and only wants you to find what you need.

I believe each body is unique because it was born with certain dispositions, and each day of life that unique person added or depleted the body in its’ own way, so each person needs something a little different to make the system run smoothly. Now if I did not say it clearly enough in previous blog posts, or in my book “Fifty Shades Greener” you can contact me at and I will clarify it for you personally, you need to talk with your cells.

Take a few minutes to hear what your cells need and take some time to deliver it, it’s really that simple. The easy answer is going to be they need oxygen, and there are easy answers to deliver that. They may need more, but you can look inside yourself and know what your body needs. Get the facts, because science is proving and disproving daily what is good for you. My blog will only post what I have tried on myself and know what works for me, and will advise you to try on yourself and see if it works for you.

The human body is amazing beyond what anyone can describe or prescribe, let’s keep our search going for the best answers together. It is not about some new quick fix, keep the focus on what works for each person.images-3 I have found what works for my body, contact me if you have found things that work for you or if you have questions at

Lower Your Metabolic Cost

respect yourcells

Your amazing cells, that work so hard to keep you going, deserve your respect. A nice thing you can do for your cells is lower your metabolic cost. The metabolic cost, is what it costs your body to move, so maintaining a low cost is positive. We start out life with a low cost, and as we age the cost rises.

There are ways to drive the price down and keep the cost low.
1. Do enough strenuous exercise, so that when you take a walk it feels like a stroll in the park.
2. Breathe deeply, in a way to deliver as much oxygen as possible.
3. Hydrate your body before it feels thirsty, and keep yourself hydrated during your walk.
4. Use whatever external means help your walk feel easier, good shoes and socks, balance walking poles, a fitbit …
whatever helps you think this is easy and fun.
5. Keep a Good Attitude! Do not underestimate the role your mind plays in regulating your metabolic cost. Look forward to your walks, think of them as enjoyable. Try not to be in a hurry to get them over with, but instead focus on the view. Do whatever you have to do to make your body think you are having a good time, because a low metabolic cost is the key to the fountain of youth.

Heal Your Body

To energize your body deliver these powerful ingredients, if your body has disease deliver these powerful weapons everyday. There are three sections – what to do for your body, what to drink and what to eat.

The most important things to do physically.
1. breath deeply – moving the stomach area, it does not need to be extra amounts of air, just whenever you think of it make sure you are tummy breathing.
2. use a dry brush and start at hands and feet and brush strokes towards the heart. This moves the lymphatic system, which does not have anything to pump it like your circulatory system has your heart, so you need to get it moving. Another great way is bouncing on a mini trampoline for a few minutes. If you are not feeling well even if you sit and put your feet on the trampoline and someone else bounces it helps. A walk is always helpful, if you are feeling weak you can order a set of balance walking poles to make the walk easier. If you need a pair email me so I can give you a discount. kpatrie@balancewalking.compoles in sand
3. Take one or two baths a week – don’t want to overdo this one. Put hydrogen peroxide in the the bath – 1/2 a cup – this can help add oxygen to your system.

1. lemon water. start every day with a glass of room temperature water and a lemon squeezed in it.
2. drink high quality water. Read the labels you want it to come from a natural spring. If you have access to a natural spring or well water – drink it.
3. If you like coconut water – drink it. These three things raise the alkalinity of the body. Disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment, so I can stress enough how important it is to not let any acidic food in. No meat, nothing fried, nothing processed, no oil other then coconut oil – buy the unrefined organic coconut oil.
4. Wheat Grass – do a shot a day. If you have a whole foods you can get all the shopping done there, if not look up a juice bar to get wheat grass. It tastes like grass and is a little hard to swallow, but it does great things in your body.
5. A shot of apple cider vinegar -organic- if you do not like the taste of straight vinegar then mix it with a ripe avocado. I prefer the Florida avocado because it is juicer and less calories, but both Florida and California avocados are good for you.natural_water_droplet-copy

1. Eat organic fruit by itself and wait a half hour before eating anything else. Local if you can find it.
2. Green leafy vegetables in salads and any type of sprouts – alfalfa, sunflower eat all sprouts this food increases oxygen
3. Seaweed – nori snacks taste good, sea kelp noodles (in the refrigerator section) not much taste so should be easy to add to salads. Dulce flakes – have a salt water taste – can use instead of salt – only use good salt. Celtic, Himilayan
3. Eggs – look for local farm that has free range chickens and sell fresh eggs. If not look for Vital Farms brand – expensive but worth it.
4. Radishes (increases nitric oxide, which helps with oxygen distribution)
5. Add ground flax seed to everything you can
6. Add Chia seeds to everything you can
7.Raw almonds soaked overnight in spring water
8. Raw pumpkin seeds
9. Sweet Potatoes – whenever you are hungry. Baked with coconut oil melted on top. If you like curry and pepper you can sprinkle on top. Keep Roti recipe made and in fridge, so that when you are hungry you can have a quick bite.
10. Baked tomatoes, broccoli and garlic – this is filling and cooking these ingredients together sets off a healthy combination
11. In the fridge section you will find sauerkraut – bubbas is a good one, store may also have cultured krauts.
12. 2-3 Brazil nuts every other day.

It is natural to think you want to eat whatever you want, but the body can fight disease if given the right weapons. The list above are powerful weapons, please try for just two weeks to eat nothing except raw vegetables and what is on the lists, make sure and drink everything from drink section, and then go to the doctors and see if it is starting to help.

You will never be hungry if you add all these foods, and there are not many bad tasting foods on the list, but few are bland tasting.

Eggs are a great way to deliver good stuff. I scramble with water, if you like turmeric add turmeric and pepper, if you do not care for the taste of turmeric leave it out. Put coconut oil in pan (1T) pour the eggs in and add celtic salt, 2 T ground flaxseed and 2T chia seeds. There is nothing not to like about this, because it will just taste like scrambled eggs, if you would like to add some onion and peppers to spice it up – do what you have to do to get the flax and chia seeds in.

I put chia seeds in my water throughout the day, but some people do not like the texture- they get gooey in water, but they have no taste not to like, you just have to see if you can get over the texture.

For the radishes I melt coconut oil and add a good bit of salt and pepper to the oil, then I dip radishes in the oil. If he hates radishes you can skip this.

Roti – eat at least once a day. Recipe bake or boil 2 to 3 sweet potatoes and an onion. Slip skins off. Chop and add a bag of frozen peas (unless you can get fresh) Dried chickpeas, soaked overnight or a can of chick peas. Carrots chopped and parboiled in a little bit of water – pour the carrots and water into potatoes, onions and peas. Warm just until the peas are not frozen, then add a can of coconut milk, 1-2 T curry(depending on spice you like) 2-3 T turmeric 2 T black pepper, 1T salt. If you could get juiced turmeric add a couple of shots, add as much ground flaxseed as you can 1 T for each potato, same for chia seeds.

This recipe is powerful and it is filling and full of flavor. It is an important dish to keep prepared in the fridge and take a bite of when you get hungry, and enjoy a Roti meal at least every other day.

Dealing with allergies, weight issues, disease?

Doctor’s can help, but who you really need to talk with is your teammates. Why would you look outside yourself, when the solution is inside yourself? Learn how to communicate with your cells, they are what turns your food into energy and healing.

Communication with our cells is not easy, because it takes time. We have gotten so response orientated, that our attention span has decreased. Take the time needed to deliver and receive responses from your body. The cells need the processing time for your senses to deliver a clear message. Your mind needs to pay attention to be able to hear the messages sent from your cells. What better investment of your time and energy, than in yourself.

I can coach you to do this, or you can read “Fifty Shades Greener”, whatever you choose, choose to internalize your problem solving. Your team works miraculously for you 24 hours a day, so be in contact with them.



Submission is Freedom

Everyone has free will, but exercising your free will is not always liberating. People can get into disagreements with their own conscience, arguing about whether they deserve that piece of cake, and justifying it with an exercise regime promise. In the movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” Anastasia asked Christian, ‘Why would I want to do this? What is the up side for me?’ He told her it would give her freedom, she would not have to agonize over decisions. The characters are an extreme case, with extenuating circumstances. There is a sense of freedom in the act of submission.

To have one person in charge, can have a positive impact, an example would be there can only be one Captain of a ship.
images-4 in life threatening situations, it is a relief to have a decisive leader at the helm.

Children need their parents to help them survive. When a parental figure is in charge, all the child has to do is explore, have fun and learn. There is a freedom in limits, but with that sense of freedom comes rules for safety and consequences for not following the rules.

This ties into food, because if you practice submission to your cells, you will experience freedom. You may have to give up some of your free will, but that is in exchange for a higher quality of life. It does not feel bad to freely submit, when you can feel the pleasure you receive. When you have the knowledge that if you have eaten a certain combination of food, than you will have given your body every vitamin it needs that day. It is kind of fun to think back over the day and see if there are any nutrients you missed, and it is empowering to eat the last few you missed that day. What is even more rewarding then knowing you did a complete job that day, is to feel the energy level rise in your nutrient rich system.

There is another liberating feeling, but it is harder to explain. When you tell a drug addict, how much more they will enjoy life when they are not addicted, they can hear your words but it does not change their desire for drugs. An alcoholic may realize they would get more done if they did not spend so much time drinking, but when happy hour approaches the words retreat. There is another positive feeling when submitting to your cells needs, it is freedom from addiction. It is a free feeling to walk down the potato chip aisle, and not feel the least bit tempted. Your body is satiated and does not crave the starch.
You can walk down the aisle and think of something more important, almost anything would be more important then thinking about potato chips. Unfortunately, if you have a strong free will and allow yourself chips, but also know you are on a diet, you will have to spend your time arguing with yourself. It is draining to calculate the pros and cons of each piece of food you buy. It is hard to describe the total freedom in letting your cells decide what food you buy.

If you would like help communicating with your cells Life Adventure Coaching is available by emailing at
If Christian Grey is scheduling an appointment, or if someone prefers their coaching
and healthy meals prepared aboard a yacht, than a face to face session can be arranged.

Seriously, if you have any questions, or need any help getting started, please email me and I will try and help.

Salad – Simple and Nutritious

Sneak Peek Recipe
from “Fifty Shades Greener”

3 Tbs. of Coconut Vinegar
3 Tbs. of Ground Flax Seed
3 Tbs. of Chia Seed
Lettuce. Look for Living Fresh. or the local produce section in your store. Add sprouts of alfalfa, sunflower sprouts, any kind of sprout.
3Tbs. of Coconut Oil, warmed till it is a liquid
1/2 cup of Chick Peas

Combine the first 3 ingredients and mix, add in lettuce and sprouts.
Combine Chick Peas, Oil, Celtic Salt and Pepper. This is a snack itself, but pour over your desired amount onto your lettuce bed. Stir and Enjoy every bite.
Have fun getting healthier, with this simple salad that contains:
Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B1-Thiamine, B2-Riboflavin, B3-Niacin, B6-Pyridoxine, Folic Acid, B5-Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Protein, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Lignans, Phenolic Acids, Flavonoids, Sodium, Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Phytic Acid, Amino Acids, Choline, Betaine, linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, and oleic acid, (1) Lauric acid in coconut oil in combination with oregano oil, has been found more effective in fighting the staph bacteria than antibiotics. Lauric acid has also been shown to be preventative against some cancers.
Coconut Oil is over 40% lauric acid, the richest source naturally available. (2) Bottom Line: The main fatty acid in coconut is an efficient killer of pathogens (3) and naturally occurring benefit found in this salad recipe is FOS (a prebiotic that promotes digestive health) (4)
Be Good First, and Put the Good Stuff In, so You Can be Bad.
Sources from health defenders:


Sneak Peek

“Imagine being pinned against the wall, your body being held firmly in place by one strong hand…
adforfb2…and your chin held in place by the other.

Your face is being lifted and you have no choice but to open your mouth and receive what is next…that is your cells predicament. They must swallow whatever you swallow. The cells have a safe word, it is not yellow and red, it is called disease, allergies and fatigue.

In the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey,” one of the rules of the contract was to eat healthy food to maintain energy level. Most people intend to eat well enough to convert their food choices into energy, but to achieve this you need a firm plan set in place. This book will help you make a plan you can live with.
Order at

Book Release “Fifty Shades of Green”

Health and Vitality are Sexy
Health and Vitality are Sexy

This risqué novelette is about enjoying both the pleasure and passion of a nutrient rich meal.

If your life needs to be stimulated, find the catalyst within the pages of “50 Shades of Green”. Captured in less than one hundred pages is a plan to energize your body. Not a diet, but easy additions to your life that will deliver a satisfied and satiated feeling.

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A Reason To Start

If you are reading this blog, you have probably already begun your journey towards health and are seeking truth and the path of least resistance. I write this blog to help people find the most enjoyable journey to the highest quality of life. This post is my ‘call to action’ button, and I would like to give you the tools to give your friends and family A Reason To Start.

I know the idea of seeking truly healthy nutritious food can be received as crazy, unnecessary at best, but we are Ostrich Free and are able to help others see. Nutritious food is only unnecessary because our cells do such a good job covering our back. When cells are over powered, that is when this information is the most important information on the planet. My goal, and my call to action for you, is to get this information in the hands of people
before they are desperate.

This post came about when I was talking with a beautiful woman, in very good health, but she asked me questions because she wanted more for herself for the second half of her life. I feel defensive for people who are trying hard based on misinformation, but I have hope when they are interested in learning new ways to find nutrition. She loves peanut butter and was appreciative to hear about the value of eating nuts before they are roasted, and letting almonds sit in water till they sprout. Those nutritional benefits had not been delivered to her cells, even though she was trying to do the right thing. Food is not what Jiff or Skippy tell us it is, food is a conduit to get vitamins and minerals to our cells. We are living in a time when our survival instincts must kick in. We are surrounded by bad information, and we have been programmed to accept poison.

If you choose to present this idea, you have to be prepared for the people who say they feel fine. Bodies were described to me as a vessel, as a cup, and you choose what you add to the cup. It will take it all, without a ripple, until it reaches its limit of that substance and then it will overflow. Many people think their body is doing fine, and they don’t have to think about their cells. Everyone is fine…until they are not. My call to action is to get people started before they are desperate. My personal philosophy is to start out with a few changes. If they drink soda, introduce hydration. If they eat processed food, talk about the cells being able to recognize and use real food for their benefit. If they have a good diet, talk about the reason to eat. People eat for many reasons, because they are hungry, or bored, or feel like being self indulgent. Those are all real reasons, and I eat for each one occasionally, but the real reason I eat is to sustain the quality of my life.

The first priority when I eat is to supply the necessary nutrients to my cells, so they can deliver. When I have fulfilled my end, I may eat just for the fun of it…if I have room.

I look forward to hearing how you and your family and friends receive your call to action. Don’t scare anyone with too much information. Share what you know and the more your friends learn and understand what their cells need, the more freedom they will have to pick whatever food they want. All we all have to do is supply our hardworking cells with what they need first and then eat what we want.
The way to healthe way to health.

If you have any questions or comments contact me at

Move, Breathe and Walk

Set aside 30 minutes a day to walk. Take 15 minutes at 10am and another 15 at 3 pm. Our bodies were not meant to sit for extended periods of time. Our brains do not function to their full capacity after sitting that long. You can manage your job and your body, take charge of them. Take a walk meeting, and integrate the two necessities.

Working out intensely has been proven to tax your system. Try adding blood circulating intervals into your routine. Take charge oxygenating your body that was not designed to sit hunched over a desk all day.