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What is good food?

Good or Bad? You Be The Judge!

It is easy to keep your head stuck firmly in the sand. While in the dark, a person does not have to decide if something is good or bad, its easy to blindly accept. If you want to pull your head out of the sand, and make an informed decision for yourself, just read on my fellow non-ostrich.

The first thing to decide is why you eat? There is not a single, right answer and you may find that you eat for more than just one reason. Try to limit your list to the top three reasons you eat. I eat because it makes my stomach feel good to be full and not empty. I also eat to try and get enough energy to do everything on my list that day. Feeling good and being energized are the top two priorities in my life.
It's Easy to Eat Right.

How do you know what is the right food? That is easy, it’s the food that satisfies your reason(s) for eating. Achieving my goals of not feeling hungry and maintaining a high level of energy all day have been realized with monomeals.

• I can eat until I feel satiated at each meal.

• I can enjoy a new meal about every three hours.

You can too, it is easy to do, and is actually the fastest way to prepare a meal. Eating monomeals can save time and burn calories.

 The scientific theory behind choosing food in this way, is that the body releases different enzymes to digest different foods, and selecting one food at a time allows the body to digest and not ferment the food. I have tested this out and feel a difference in my energy level if I combine different food groups in the same sitting. Once I eat a combination of foods, I find myself having cravings before three hours have passed and not feeling the satiated and satisfied body that I enjoy after a monomeal.

Making a monomeal is really quite simple, pick one food and enjoy as much as you want of it. I will share a listNatural Food Choices of my choices for a day at the end of this post, but if eating this way is not fun for you start with one step in the right direction. Simply start by eating one food group at a time and then waiting till it has digested. If you want protein, have only protein during that meal. Be aware that proteins take longer for the body to digest. If you are in the mood for vegetables, then enjoy a variety of vegetables and know they will be digested in about 3 hours (brussel sprouts take about 4 hours to digest). You can eat a fruit bowl, but always deliver melons on their own and to an empty stomach. If you feel like carbs, go ahead, but have only carbohydrates.

If you choose to eat a food combination, just wait about three hours and start a monomeal diet again. Take notice of how the combination of foods made your body feel. If your stomach felt good and you are not lethargic, maybe your body processes the different digestive needs fine. I am older and found monomeals to tighten and tone areas of my body that I was having trouble maintaining. If you think you felt better eating one type of food at a time, test the theory out for a few days and let me know what monomeals do for you at ostrichfreediet@gmail.com

Oxygenate & Stimulate with food

A Sample Monomeal Day: I start my day with a coconut. It only takes about two hours to digest the coconut water and pulp. You have a clean and cleared out digestive tract, figure out what energized your body. If you like protein start with eggs, if you wake up hungry try a sweet potato. Waking your stomach up at 7 in the morning will let you enjoy another monomeal around 10 am. If you are on your way to work a handful of nuts or fruit can be your meal.

Today my 10 am meal was tomatoes. I slice them into a jar the night before, catching all the juice. I chop a small piece of garlic and sprinkle some Himalayan salt and fresh ground black pepper along with parsley before I put a lid on it. Lunch for me was at one and I enjoyed a large bowls of peas, very filling and energizing. I did a pomegranate at 4 pm.

One thing I do, that my friends that monomeal do not choose to do, is I drink only in between meals. I try to not water down my digestive juices. If I want to drink beer or wine or tequila with soda water I do that in place of a monomeal. At 7 pm I had cold barley soup, which was a beer, it was very refreshing after a hot day. It takes about two hours to digest and break down the beer, three hours for wine. At 9 pm I enjoyed a baked potato.

Be creative, and relax in the simplicity of monomeals. I used to rack my brain for fun food combinations for lunch and dinner, now I truly taste the food and use it for energy. You do not have to be a vegetarian to feel the benefits of eating monomeals, have a whole chicken for lunch, if you take the fat off your body can be ready for your next monomeal in four hours, if you leave the fat on wait for six hours.

There is no right or wrong, only what makes your body feel good and energized.