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Warning People For Over 100 Years!

The title of the article published in Collier’s Magazine in 1905 is
It is amazing how applicable this article is 100 years later, and I consider this a MUST READ article.

Collier's Magazine September 1905
Collier’s Magazine September 1905

I found this article when I was researching the Oak Island Mystery and am sharing it because I found it eye-opening. They knew it was wrong to add chemicals to food as soon as companies started to defile the food the average consumer purchases.

The entire article is valuable, but this quote stood out, “There is a physical danger when the adulteration is of a nature to threaten health.” Dr. Wiley is insightful and this article proves that it is not new, news that eating real food is valuable and eating a box of chemicals is not. Please think about why you eat, and do not be seduced by convenience. What you choose to deliver to your cells is among the most important decisions that you will make each day, choose wisely. The most helpful thought for me as I stand in front of my open refrigerator, is to think of what vitamins and minerals will be in my next bite. Take the time to consider if you have eaten enough water soluble vitamins that day. Think of your last meal, and how long ago it was, are you sending food into a clean and ready stomach or are you mixing it with other foods that have a different processing time.

Your body is an amazing machine, would you add just any old ingredients to any other machine and just hope for the best? The instructions for your miraculous body are simple, eat real food.images-1 I like to add one more set of instructions that are not held in popular belief, but I believe in 100%, and that is to enjoy what you have chosen to eat. If you have decided to put it in your mouth do not confuse your system by feeling guilty about your choice, or even worse feeling resentful because you want something else. Be aware of that resentful feeling because I think it has more an effect on digestion then science has been able to prove to date. Marketing, and even the production of food that makes it melt in your mouth, is naturally appealing to most. Stand firm and forbid that fake food to enter your inner sanctum and stop those resentful thoughts from entering your mind. You are not eating to satisfy your taste buds, you are wiser than that and are eating to supply energy to your system. Eating is important, but it is not the most important thing you are on this planet to do, so eat to give your body energy to get the other important accomplishments done during your lifetime.

Dr. Wiley warned in 1905, “the most objectionable form of food adulteration is that which seeks to deceive the consumer.” Greedy companies are still hiding bad food products under healthy labels, and you have to do some fancy sleuthing to find good ingredients. It is challenging, but it is worth the effort to search out quality food for your body to run on.

Dr. Wiley called for “NO FALSE LABELS”
For your information, Monsanto was founded in 1901, and I wonder if this article was addressed to that companies contamination of our food.

You have heard the famous quote about those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it, but are the people who study history doomed to stand back and watch others repeat it?
Do not be an ostrich, stand firm and pull your head out of the sand BEFORE you open up your mouth to take a bite.
This is an advertisement from the 1905 Collier Magazine.
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